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Important!: This is the demo version of the game and it is free. I recommend ;) the EARLY ACCESS of the full version HERE: https://roguempire.itch.io/rogue-empire

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  • Rogue Empire got greenlit! So thanks a lot for the support!
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About Rogue Empire: The Prelude (Free Version)

Rogue Empire, The Prelude is the prequel to Rogue Empire, an upcoming Roguelike game with a rich epic story with many twists!

Some of the distinct features you can expect in Rogue Empire, The Prelude:

  • A beautifully illustrated story.
  • An innovative talent system that borrows concepts of TCG's (Trading Card Games)!
  • A taste of the Warrior class and Human Race.
  • Exciting boss fights with fun and cool mechanics!

The prelude is a short version of the game telling the story of a warrior named Eghoss in search of a mythical artifact.

This seemingly simple adventure will let any one dive into the world of Ethistos and preface the grand adventure to come. Some answers about the arrival of a mysterious Rogue Empire will be answered but much more questions will appear along Eghoss adventure.

It is/will be also worth noticing the prelude is a complete game by it self only not so big in length and with a fixed character.

About Rogue Empire: Main Campaign (above 8 USD support)

The main campaign takes place decades after The Prelude, with the world of Ethistos submerged in shadows!

Additional features you can expect in The main Campaign:

  • Create a character from 7 race choices and 5 classes with distinct game play styles! 
  • Explore a vast world map!
  • A lot of environments: Lava, Jungle, Dessert, Ice, ruins, etc
  • More  boss fights!
  • Gather soul essence during your several adventures and unlock new content/perks.

Game tips and instructions (for the prelude)

You have an in game tutorial system to help you along and a manual (esc -> manual), but I will give you some pointers here for successful adventure:

  • The game is turn based, so think carefully before acting. Sometimes it is better to wait for the enemy to come close or even run than go in Leeroy style!
  • The character is a warrior and can feel fairly tanky later in the game. This can let to overconfidence. Try to have always 50% + hp.
  • 'R'resting is your friend. Try to do it in small rooms and close the door.
  • Don't underestimate the power of wands to get out of some sticky situations.
  • For the moment when going to another level monsters won't follow. This might change in the future... or not ;)
  • You might notice small blue souls flying around the level, they hit you at where the next level is.


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Rogue Empire Windows Demo 0.9.4 64 bits 561 MB
Version 1
Rogue Empire Windows Demo 0.9.8 64 bits 563 MB
Version 1
Rogue Empire Mac Demo 0.9.8 567 MB
Version 4
Rogue Empire Linux Demo 0.9.8 584 MB
Version 4

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