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Rogue Empire Demo: Eghoss Campaign

A roguelike RPG prequel to Rogue Empire. Find the Orb of Fate or perish while trying! · By Rogue Empire


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Version 0.9.8 of the demo released!
I am pleased to announce that the demo has been updated from v0.9.4 to v0.9.8 You can check details here (Some changes might be not included in the demo): ht...
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Long needed update to the Demo
It has been some time since I updated the demo. This is mainly because of it consuming some time. I finally decided to take some time to do this. Before we dive...
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Some indie love!
Hi everyone! I am preparing for steam early access release, and I would deeply appreciate for anyone to support my thunderclap campaign. In case you are wonderi...
Rogue Empire early access now on the holiday sales!
If you tried out the demo and would like more, don't miss the opportunity!
Version 0.8.7 released!
A new release guys! Your dungeon crawling cravings shall be updated! A lot cool new stuff! Some of these of curse belong to the full game currently in EA here...
Version 0.8.5 released!
Ok, a massive update for this version. Note, that some of the updates listed are relevant only to the full game ;) I am sure I am forgetting something but here...
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Latest improvements to the game (v0.8.3)
Comments: My main focus on this last release was to add much more story contents and game length to the main campaign (not the prelude). I also put a lot of eff...
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New Alpha Release 0.8.0, now also available for mac users!
Hello everyone, I am exited to announce I just released a new alpha version of the game. It is now available for Patreon supporters as well as early access back...