Version 0.8.5 released!

Ok, a massive update for this version. Note, that some of the updates listed are relevant only to the full game ;)

I am sure I am forgetting something but here are most of the changes:

Down the Rabit hole

New Features:

  • Thanks (really big thanks) to Kui Deth the game is now available in Japanese (Some text are still not traduced, but should be ready soon)
  • Ammo is auto loaded when out while firing.
  • Added a gold contemplation.
  • Added some nice clouds to the Worldmap J
  • Finished the insectoid optional dungeon with a great reward at the end.
  • Added forges.
  • Added several new monsters.
  • Added 2 more bosses.
  • Added 2 new trap types: hunger trap and explosive trap
  • Added timed game mode.
  • Added breathing effect to player and monsters.
  • Added coin auto pickup when no enemy close.
  • Added portals, holes and levers.
  • Hugely improved keyboard control: added auto targeting an intuitive target location on doing different actions.
  • Added cool stuff at the supporters screen in the main menu.
  • Added “swap position with friend” action.
  • Added 3 more music themes!


  • Overhauled the UI to make the texts sharper.
  • Added tooltips on exits.
  • Added sounds to: pickaxe use, using exits, moving, pick up stuff, equip stuff.
  • Added small swoosh effect when running.
  • Increased size of merchant goods.
  • Summons now say something when talked to.
  • Reduced size of townsfolk.
  • Improved vinscians hit sound.
  • Added spell critical chance to character sheet.
  • Added staff and spell book UI icons
  • Added intractable to the contextual menu.
  • Added a lot more tooltips.
  • Items are now always outlined for easy finding.
  • Map now highlights exits and character in bright colors.
  • Fixed several typos.
  • Black hole spell now sucks items, destroys walls and doors.S:
  • Sub types in inventory (armor, weapons, other) now show all items of that subtype too.
  • Added Esc shortcut for merchants.
  • Added a status effect icon for when about to do a continual move action.
  • Changed level up shortcut key from esc to enter.
  • Made contextual menu icons larger.
  • Added sounds to selling and buying stuff.


  • Removed Troll overpowered start
  • Made keys 25% rarer.
  • Merchants now sell more items.
  • Unlock spell, all Summon spells, craft food spell now have the Tearing Effect: Depending on the spell they permanently remove a little max mana.
  • Improved damage of all ranged weapons.
  • Nerfed the magic missile spell: lower damage and higher mana cost.
  • Reduce world map events by 25%.
  • Water splash now pushes the target back 1 spot only. Also if used on walls it pushes the actor back.
  • Some spells have a chance to break doors now.
  • LoS gain from perception reduced severely.
  • Otwoks now do need food but only 25% of the amount other races need.
  • Reduced damage of 2 handed weapons by roughly 8%.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where items would be passed on to new characters when loading after having played with another character.
  • Freeze effect no longer removes stealth.
  • Stealth can now properly be removed clicking on its status effect.
  • Fixed bug where detect traps enchantment would stay forever when cast from item.
  • Fixed bug where replacing something in the action bar would not get saved when exiting game.
  • Improved Mage’s power surge ability.
  • Snow and dessert encounters now do show up.
  • Removed traps on jungle maps.
  • Fixed texture issue with crocodiles and magma blobs.
  • Fixed bug where contextual menu actions would not take energy.
  • Zoom amount now properly saves when closing the game
  • Fixed bug where equipping two of the same weapon would not be allowed.
  • Fixed bug where a sling would produce a gunshot sound :P
  • Fixed black hole spell pulling issue.
  • Animals won’t open doors anymore.
  • Resting now properly stops if starving.
  • Fixed bug on soul essence screen at main menu
  • Audio setting now properly saved when exiting game.
  • Ability’s miss use no longer triggers its cooldown.


Rogue Empire Demo Setup 0.8.5.exe 285 MB
Nov 10, 2017
Mac Demo 332 MB
Nov 10, 2017
Linux Demo 371 MB
Nov 10, 2017

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