New Version Uploaded!

Hi Everyone! I just uploaded the latest version of the game! Going to send the new version of full game alpha to backers through mail!

Following is the change log for this version, enjoy!

Change log for Alpha v0.7.9

Important: Old save games from previews versions are not supported and will be removed!

Changes included in the Prelude

New Features:

  • Added freeze and teleport trap types.
  • Improved dungeon generation on smaller dungeons.
  • Added new item modifier for dagger type weapons.
  • Added arcane threads to game. Adjusted caster enemies accordingly.
  • Added +20 spells
  • Added +40 wands and scrolls
  • Added 7 staff weapons: Unique ranged weapon that uses mana to fire and spell power to influence its damage.
  • Added 2 more music tracks for general gameplay.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where using a potion that is twice in the action bar would not reflect the amount counter on the other.


  • Added new messages when reacting to certain situations.
  • Improved targeting graphics.
  • Added button sounds to main menu

Balance Adjustments:

  • Special rooms are identified with special doors.
  • Redid how spells work, enabling level ups. Adjusted caster enemies accordingly.

Main Campaign-Game Changes

New Features:

  • Added Mage class with +40 abilities and a unique gameplay.
  • Added spell learning ability available for casting classes.
  • Added 1 new location to world map.
  • Populated the village of Arensal.
  • Added +15 music themes for different locations in game.
  • Added the spell book item for each available spell to learn.
  • Added some new world map events.

Bug Fixes

  • Arensal merchant now has initial money.


  • Added location specific art in world map.
  • Added missing Archer talent icons.


  • Improved world map loading times by 20%.


Rogue Empire v0.7.9 283 MB
May 26, 2017
Rogue Empire Setup v0.7.9 Prelude Setup.exe 235 MB
May 26, 2017

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