New Update 1.0.15: Can you outrun the shadow?


Challenge Dungeon

  • The shadow will eventually creep into the level and start to fill it. Any living creature touching the shadow will be harmed by it!
  • A small intro linked to the start of the main campaign added at the start.
  • Each dungeon level after the first one will have its theme randomized.
  • Added new achievements for the challenge dungeon.


  • Ammo +hit and +dmg now show values in same order as with weapons.
  • Fixed an issues where the story was not showing in a late game part.
  • Fixed some non translatable texts.
  • Getting into a new randomly generated level should now properly generate the character in an not so dangerous room.
  • Fixed bug where the ring of life would sometimes glitch the game.
  • Fixed information on perception and agility tool tips.
  • Fixed wight amount showed to show up to 1 decimal.
  • Fixed UI action bar not graphically updating stacks when using the pickup key to pickup an item.
  • Fixed bug where tabbing and entering a level in a specific way broke the camera following.
  • Fixed UI issues where a stat level up contemplation option by default was not shown on the left side.
  • Added a dynamic level change generation system for the rare occasions where level changes disappear. This was mainly done as I am not able to reproduce the issue.
  • Action buttons should scale properly on very wide screens.
  • Fixed issue with timed mode not working on saved games.
  • Fixed several issues with the inventory that appeared with the last patch.
  • Water splash no longer moves an entity or character pinned down by an effect.


  • Slings now does bludgeoning damage instead of piercing damage.
  • Shield bash damage now is based on the shield block value. In addition this ability can not be dodged or missed.
  • Eghos campaign food consumption reduced on easy and normal difficulties as it is meant to a introductory campaign and also has no fixed town.
  • Warrior class hp has been increased slightly.
  • Explosive shot has a chance to break doors.
  • Increased starting ammo stack of hunters from 100 to 300.
  • Greatly reduce cool down and energy usage of the first aid ability.
  • Increased druid's bear aspect HP bonus from 35% to 50%.
  • Increased druid's bear prepared blow ability damage bonus.
  • Shape shifting as a druid now removes freezing effects.
  • Melee hit chance now uses a new formula similar to the one for ranged (but using STR as a stat instead of AGL). In addition both formulas are influenced by the difference in levels of the enemy you are attacking by a very small amount. While this will make your character miss a lot less now, take into consideration monsters will miss less too ;)
    In both ranged and melee, to hit modifiers have been improved in value now representing roughly 15 points of their main stat toward miss reduction. I hope this avoids some of the issues play ability with missing a lot.
  • Dodge chance was reduced slightly for characters and enemies alike.
  • Several one handed weapons of mithril tier and above have had their base damage revised to make them feel a better upgrade and reduce its damage deviation.
  • Legendary  effect improved.
  • Warrior organ targeting and organ protection talent effects where improved from 30% to 50%.
  • XP item modifiers where increased (nearly doubled) to tempt their usage.


  • Added 9 new soul essence perks.
  • Improved several sounds.
  • Potion and scrolls stay in the action bar when the amount of them reaches 0. For the moment this does not persists when loading games.
  • Added weight sorting option.
  • Added a small timer to reenter the same exit to avoid accidental level reentries.
  • Added a UI volume slider to the setting menu.
  • Racial buffs should now apply after item gearing.
  • Added french to the AvailableCultures file for language modding.
  • If you are an assassin looking on an enemy shows the exact chance to stealth for that enemy and distance.

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