Version 0.9.8 Released!

Ok guys, a huge updatem now the game version went from v0.9.5 to v0.9.8 :steamhappy:

Important Announcement:

Thanks to your support Rogue Empire Made it to the Top 100 in the Indie of the Year 2008 contest at IndieDB

But the contest is not over as now the top 100 get voted to see the spot you end at! I would encourage you to vote for Rogue Empire again :D 

Again, thanks so much!!!

Now, without further ado, here are the main changes ( I might have missed some) introduced into the game:

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where on the first time you load a game the weight status would not show properly.
  • Fixed several smaller issues while I was doing the content update.
  • Cloud saves should now work cross OS.
  • Fixed action bar slot bug where it sometimes would get locked.
  • Fixed bug where rapid cuts would not apply hit bonuses. Consecutively nerfed it a little. 
  • Fixed bug where none physical dots (such as poison) would break prepared and very prepared bonuses.
  • Fixed bug where offset shield would add to armor coverage && mitigation.
  • Fixed bug related to none-compressed saves.
  • Fixed bug related to none-compressed saves.
  • Obstructions up from tiles in the field of view get now revealed. This avoids enemies not showing their health bar.
  • Prepared blows now should always wear off after the next move of the entity doing it.
  • Enemies killed by fire created by player should now properly give XP. This also include propagated fire.
  • Summoned vines now properly surround the target and no longer count towards the summoner active summons limit.
  • Improved off screen summoning times to not halt the game.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the additional champions too spawn in the challenge dungeon.
  • Fixed bug that made trolls have 30% less hp instead of 30% more hp as a racial.
  • Fixed bug where very late game speed item modifiers would be insanely high.
  • Fixed issue on inventory when using an item would select a random item category.


  • Reduced a little the spawning rate of high spawning dungeons and fixed its tool-tip.
  • Reduced the weight of magic rations to 0.1s
  • First aid heal and cool down slightly nerffed.
  • 2h weapons damage was made more consistent (less deviation) in general. A few weapons got their damage improved, specially the different types of sickle as it had an error in its formula.
  • Ranged weapons damage was made more consistent (less deviation) in general. Late game ranged weapons have had their damage improved.
  • First Aid heal reduced slightly. Cool down also increased. Now uses 5000 energy instead of 1000 (making it recommended to not do while in combat).
  • Earth Elementals are now immune to poison. 
  • Some legendary weapons where nerfed. This does not affect current games.
  • Buffed armor and armor coverage of all enemies.
  • Shape shifted druids can no longer be disarmed.
  • Item bonuses to speed, hp regen and mana regen now stack additively with each other.
  • Shields have had their armor values greatly increased to buff them as an defensive option.
  • Shoulder and leg gear has had their body coverage values increased for lower tiers.
  • Legendary items with abilities now have their cooldowns tied to having the item equipped. This means cooldowns tick down when you have the legendary equipped and tick up when you don't have it equipped (capped).
  • Halved health of non summoned vines and barricades. Added fire vulnerability.
  • Deviation on the Initial health rolls for every class has been reduced. Not so initial attribute rolls (depends on race).
  • Goo armor slightly reduced. Goo now returns a little damage back.
  • Ancient book of learning now ticks with spell learning even if not successful.
  • Warriors demoralizing shout uses no energy now.
  • Hunter weapon affinity talents where improved around 30%.


  • Improved spell items space usage of its description in the UI.
  • Updated the underlying unity (game engine) version.

As always feel free to pop up at discord and discuss with me about whatever you want!

Cheers and happy crawling!

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