Version 1.0 released!

New Features

  • New druid mechanics added. 

  • Two new druid abilities.
  • Added 11 new achievements.
  • Character now shows randomized birth dates, height and weight. Months now tracked in Ethistos naming.
  • Loading message now randomly shows useful information. This is general information as well as contextual information regarding the current game.
  • Starting screen now chances depending on the campaign you are playing!
  • Added 12 new potions.
  • Certain Caves are now proper cave environments.
  • Added 3 new item modifier.
  • Added 5 new warrior abilities.
  • Added 1 new special room type.
  • Added 5 new hunter abilities.
  • Load game entries now show difficulty.
  • Added 4 new twitch judgments.
  • Added 3 new enemies.
  • Added 1 new optional location.
  • Added 1 new optional boss.
  • Improved the main screen soul essence UI.
  • Added 1 new soul essence upgrade. This one is special. 
  • Soul Essence Upgrades can now be removed returning 80% of its original value.
  • Soul Essence Upgrades can be toggle off and on.
  • Using as little Soul Essence Upgrades as possible now give you a bonus to score and soul essence gathering.
  • Added twitch gameplay got its own UI now.
  • Auto explore now stops on chests.


  • Nerfed insectoid damage.
  • Mages and druids have had their initial arcane threads increased.
  • Rune drop rate reduced by 10%.
  • Increased merchant base item amount.
  • Enemies now regenerate health when you leave the level depending on how much time you leave.
  • Base max weight was increased.
  • Strength and Constitution contribution to max weight was increased.
  • Learning spells is now easier, specially for low level spells.
  • Theoretical blocking chance maximum increased to 100%.

Bug Fixes

  • Nature's twister now tosses entities around to reachable locations.
  • Fixed bug where artifact would teach unlearn able spells braking the UI.
  • Fixed bug where the mummy's curse would not do anything.
  • Fixed bug where disarm would not work on staffs and ranged weapons.
  • Now in order for an friendly NPC to turn against you (for example the merchant) you need to accumulate a certain amount of damage relatively to his max damage. This will prevent small collateral damage to angry friendly npc's.
  • Fixed inventory bug related to bad backtracking to the group selection you had selected when equipping or dropping an item.
  • Fixed issue where enemies would beat you to death after resurrecting with the ring of life
  • Fixed issue where dungeon level icons on the world map would not properly show.
  • Fixed issue with graphics of ruin like dungeons near the borders 
  • Fixed some minor bugs.


  • Reduced the clutter of fire spread text.
  • Main menu game start UI was improved.
  • Updated version to 1.0.0

Thanks so much for all the support and love!!! And know this, it does not end here!

Cheers and happy crawling!

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