Small hot fix and upcoming game improvements

First of all I hot fixed a rather nasty bug with a particular assassin ability that would stop the game from working, sorry about that guys!

Now into the good stuff, whats up for next weeks: upcoming

  • First order of business is to get steam early access rolling! I hope to finish this within this week.
  • As for the main game/feature road map for these coming weeks: 
    • Do 2 more dungeons and bosses near the elf and dwarf capital cities
    • Add several new monsters. At the moment most of the cool monsters appear in the mid game range, so I ll try to focus on new low level encounters. Low level encounters have maybe 10-15 monster types at the moment and I hope to make that number go up to 25.
    • Add treasure chests and destructible boxes/barrels. You know you want it!
    • Add more potion types!
    •  Some more content on the world map (I hope I have time for this)
    • Start to work on the druid class

In any case I want to give you all big thanks for the support and love! I am really glad you are enjoying my creation!

As always I am happy to hear out any comments or suggestions! I sent everyone a personal thank you mail, don't be shy to replay back!


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