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Rogue Empire: Dungeon Crawler RPG

Early access the full version of this roguelike RPG. Choose from several races and several classes. Explore a world! · By Rogue Empire


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Version 0.9.4 released!
It is time to merge the beta build to the main/default branch increasing the game version from v0.9.0 to v0.9.4 :D Before we dive into the changes, I wanted to...
Ok guys, its time to merge the beta build to the main/default branch increasing the game version from 0.8.9 all the way up to 0.9.0 :D IMPORTANT: Current saves...
Discord and setting up the Early Access Release party!
I am glad to announce the 19th Rogue Empire will be arriving at Steam Early Access! To commemorate this day everyone is invited to join the party at Rogue Empir...
Whats next!?
So after last release being done. My focus now will be on the following: Achievements. Do 1 more boss & dungeon for the main campaign. Finish the druid class. A...
Version 0.8.7 released!
A new release guys! Your dungeon crawling cravings shall be updated! A lot cool new stuff! Change log for Alpha v0.8.7 New Features: Added the game intro video...
Your love at indie DB competition!
Hey guys, I would love for you to vote for Rogue Empire at the indie DB competition! Its really easy and always helps to get noticed! Just click and vote! :D Un...
Create your own Event!
Lets see if this sparks interest :D As you might know the main campaign of Rogue Empire has a World Map in which exploring triggers different events and encount...
Initial Steam Integration Successfull
Hi all! I successfully integrated the game into steam. I am providing every one of you who supported my with a beta key to be able to add the game to the steam...